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Commercial Photography, Learning PhotoWalks, Workshops, and Mentoring


Welcome! Come on in and have a look around!

I am Sheila Joy, a photographer, blogger, educator, creator, and coach.

I live in Sparks Nevada, the land of sand, sage, and wild horses.

I am generous with my knowledge around photography. I love to share, network, teach, write, learn, focus, and more when it comes to photography.

Most days you will find me creating a new workshop, writing a lesson for a photowalk, working on a book or out creating images.

Let’s talk photography! Did I hear you say, “I am looking for images that are custom, different, or traditional… which are fresh, new, creative, and inspiring?” or maybe, “I want to sharpen my skills.” Well…that is exactly what I do.

 Reach out to me and let’s go!

Learning PhotoWalks

Your Photographers Eye

The ability to see the world in a unique and creative way. Our Learning PhotoWalks give you lessons on how to see like a photographer…

Private and Customized 

Maybe a group setting is not for you or maybe you are looking for something to do with family and friends…


Our membership includes all the Learning PhotoWalk, PDF lesson downloads, special PhotoWalks with featured photographers, and more… 

Coaching and Mentoring

Are you looking for more? Do you need someone to push you or kick your butt? One on one sessions customized to what you need. Are you ready to get busy?


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Private and Customized

Private and Customized

Do you have a Corporate Event or a Family gathering and you are looking for something fun and local to do? 

Sheila Joy Photography is now offering these as private scheduled events. We will work with you to customize your event and make it uniquely yours.