Life is totally amazing! I love being totally present, feeling my emotions, acting out my passion, and staying creative no matter what is going on around me. However,  sometimes it is so eventful I need to stop and recenter myself. And picking up my camera helps me find my center, my calm, my creativity, and my happiness.

I was just starting to settle into the new normal, having Dan home all day everyday (he was furloughed from his job), ordering groceries for delivery, wearing a mask whenever I went out, and of course video chatting with family and friends, when my 77 year old mother fell at home. She lives alone and spent 7 hours on the floor unable to get up or reach her phone.

Without hesitation we jumped into the truck and 2200 miles later we arrived at my mother’s house. It is a very different time in our lives to travel, stores with one way aisles, coffee island closed off at the truck stops, masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, and miles of tape and stickers on the floor to remind us of the 6 feet social distancing. It is so surreal, overwhelming, and stressful at the least. It was a very long 9 days.

Because of COVID19 we could not go to the hospital to visit her, however, that was not the reason for our “emergency road trip”. We had other work required of us… making my mother’s home safe so she would be able to return. 

With the help of family we accomplished our goal and prepared my mother’s home for her return. The saddest part of all of this is we did not get to see her, because she was not released from the hospital until after we were heading home. We thought at first we would be able to stay awhile longer but a phone call for Dan to return to work changed all of those thoughts and we had to head home right away. 

The good news is, mother is getting better and back to herself, Dan has returned to work, and I am staying creative! 

Here are a couple of images from our trip, plus some images I created yesterday.

Thanks for stopping by and reading.

Being creative feels awesome!