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Bringing Back Workshops

It is CRAZY that it has been two years of Covid19, dictating we all stay home, cancel in person events, deal with lockdown restrictions, and basically wait to see the outcome of the pandemic. Even though there will never be a world free of Covid, the flu or other invisible dangers, it is pretty safe to say most of us are ready to start doing things in person again. Mask or no mask, Vax or no vax, we want and need to feel the energy in the room.

I am very thankful for the internet, virtual classes, and the great outdoors. These have helped keep my creative juices flowing. Many artists feel the same way I do and I am sure as this year moves on we will see more and more art and stories emerging from the two year long haze of Covid19.

The fact is it has been a very long two years of isolation. It is time to bring back the in person workshops, classes, events, shoot-outs, and photo walks…I am ready to start socializing face to face again.

I am excited and ready to dust off my camera and start joining in on the photo events that are firing up!

I have decided to bring back my workshops and there is no better time to start the workshop series than with a full moon. April 16, 2022 is when we will have an opportunity to shoot the Pink moon/Paschal full moon.

Check my Workshops page for more details and other workshops. I can’t wait to see your face!

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