Splash from Behind


Well here is my experience with assignment #3…wow was it a challenge! And what a mess! Everything and everyone was wet after this…

I had been throwing water for a week with no good images. I was ready to give up, sitting in front of my computer looking at the less than great splashes (I have included some of those images in this post just for your enjoyment…lol) when my guy says “let me help you.” At first when I started this assignment I thought, “I can do this by myself” but after a week of wet frustration, the offer to help me came as a sweet relief to my drenched inspiration.

What I have learned this week with this assignment; splash photography is a challenge and having another person to help makes all the difference in the world. Also, you can’t let it beat you!

I am very happy with my final image. So, on to the next assignment, “Drop Product Splash”. I am sure I will have my challenges with this assignment but no giving up and always accept help.Sheila Joy Splash #3

Add a little joy to your life!

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