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Finding Patterns

This week on our PhotoWalk the focus was patterns. Looking for patterns to please the eye.

Patterns in photography create something interesting for the eyes to see. In every genre of photography patterns can be used in both obvious and subtle ways. 

Learn how to recognise patterns. This starts by  finding repetition. Once you find a pattern try re-framing it in different ways. Which way draws the eye?

Recognizing patterns can takes some practice, however, once you start seeing them you will begin to see the interest they add to you images.

The following are a few tips and techniques for using patterns in your photography.

  1. The perfect pattern – the pattern does not need to be geometrically perfect, there are no hard and fast rules for patterns in photography.
  2. A pattern can be about space, color, shape, angles, etc 
  3. Patterns can be from 3 to an infinite number of objects in repetition. So start looking for 3 of something. 3 is a great number of objects, there is a beginning, a middle, and an end. 
  4. Simple patterns lead the eye and more complex or irregular patterns can be 
  5. used for composition.
  6. Look at the pattern from different angles. Find the obvious pattern first then change the angle.
  7. Shoot in close and then move back. Trying different perspectives to give the eye more interest. Try a different lens
  8. Remove as many distractions from the pattern. Try getting in close or changing your angle. You might have to help the image in post by removing the distractions.
  9. A break in the pattern might be pleasing to the eye. Look for a pattern with something missing or something different right in the line of the pattern.
  10. Where to find the patterns…they are everywhere. Landscape, streets, buildings, water, flowers, sand, lights, shadows, etc.

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