So to be successful online you have to have an audience…right? Build it and they will come…right? Nope, that is not right or true.

How hard could building an audience be? I mean if you are doing something you enjoy and you are sharing it there most be others out there that have an interest…right? Nope, once again it is not right or true. The interest might be there but if you have no audience no one knows you exist.

If you have no audience you are creating and sharing with no one. Sad, that all of the hours you are spending creating content that no one will ever see.

Now that begs the question, how do I build an audience so I can share all of my creativeness? Where do I find my tribe? How do I locate all of the like minded people out there that are just waiting for me to share all of my awesomeness with?

Have you watched all of the YouTube videos out there on “How to build an audience”? What about all the blog posts? Maybe you have even hired someone that claims they can grow your audience over night! Oh and there is paying for a membership that promises if you follow their plan you will grow your audience. It is exhausting and all consuming.

If you have been reading this looking for that silver bullet on “how to build an audience” I am sad to tell you I don’t have the answer other than it takes time and a lot of work. You have to put yourself out there and sometimes…most of the time no one comes but you just have to keep putting yourself out there and believing in yourself.

I know there are some really great artists out there that should have the audience to support their creativeness but they have not found the formula that works for them. I am one of those artists, I work hard and I keep plugging away hoping to find just the right topic, combo of skills and knowledge…the right formula.

Recently, I have been working to build a one stop for all I offer. I am looking for anything to help my audience find me. While working on my website and watching YouTube videos I came across a tool called Linktree.

Have you heard of it? Maybe you are like me and you did not know the name but you have used it before…you know like when you are on Instagram and someone says look for the link in my Bio…most of the time the link is Linktree taking you to all they offer.

I know that I am late to the party and everyone but me has already heard or at least know what Linktree is and how to use it. But let me just say “WOW’ everyone needs one of these. I love having all of my stuff in ONE place.

When you have a chance check my Linktree out and see for yourself how helpful it is. Now I know you might be thinking that they are paying me or sponsoring me in someway and I am telling you they are not, it is just a great tool and I wanted to share just incase you have never heard of it.

I will find the right formula one of these days and my audience will find me! Until then I am going to keep creating and putting myself out there even if it is only for an audience of 1.

Until next time add some JOY to your life by doing what makes you smile! 🙂

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  1. Love this post very helpful and yes trying to build a following is rather hard these days. I see that you are form NV I grew up just outside of Vegas and truly miss that state and all that it has to offer. I look forward to seeing all the amazing things that you produce from that state my friend.

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