Walking through life as a photographer you tend to see things a little differently, your brain see things as if you are looking through the lens of a camera, picture worthy or how could I make this a picture worthy image.

I have always loved the dark and moody images and lately I have been in the mood to create some of my own dark and moody images. SJF_8837-Edit

Taking on this challenge has given me new inspiration. How can I use this type of photography in my commerical photography business? I have so many thoughts and ideas! I have not landed on just how I am going to market these types of images.


I am having so much fun working out the issues I encounter while shooting these dark images, not enough light, not enough shadows, bouncing or reflecting…and the list goes on.


Shooting dark and moody images have really openned my eyes to just how much control we have when it comes to manipulating light.


..so while I research and work through my ideas I am going to keep the creative juices flowing.