I am a nobody or I am everybody…definitely not famous, rich, or well-known. Just, my thoughts and feelings about the times we are living in today.

So the world is hurting…

Everyone we know is being affected by COVID-19, our family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, etc…

I know we all want it to go away and we want to stop hearing about it, however, that is not going to happen anytime soon. My rational brain tells me, “no need to panic, stress, or freakout because it is all going to be alright.” Then my feeling brain asks me, “Do we need to stress or panic, can I safely go to the store to pick up my normal weekly groceries? Or do I need to wear a mask and/or gloves? Will others think I am crazy? Am I crazy? ”

Inside my home it is life as usual, take care of the pets, partner, and self. Go to work (I work remotely), cook dinner, and all the stuff I normally do to make my life happy and comfortable. I am a homebody so staying home is nothing new to me. I have many hobbies and projects going all the time. I am never bored or have a lack of things to do.

My biggest problem is watching the news. I watch it for a while and I feel my anxiety rise, so I say, “NO MORE NEWS!” and after a day I can’t take it…I need to know what is happening in the world. Then the questions start again, “What is real? What do I believe?What do I think is crap? What channel has the best information? Who knows what is really happening?” And up goes the anxiety and the feeling of being lost in what to believe and what to do.

I know some of you will say look to God, he will guide us and I have no problem with this thinking…I believe God has a calming affect on us.

I also know some of you will say go for a walk, or workout in your home, maybe meditate when you feel the anxiety creeping into your thoughts…these are wonderful ideas as well.

I know we all have our own way of processing what is happening. There is no wrong way as long as we are putting kindness, thoughtfulness, and love out into the world.

I love the neighborhoods that are dancing in the streets each night or singing or applauding that we made it through another day. We need to remember life is short and we need to make the best of each moment in each day.

Ask yourself this question, how can I make my day happier today? Reach deep…no copping out saying, “Nothing, because I can’t leave my house.” This is negative thinking and it will get you nowhere but depressed and anxious.

Tell yourself to smile, even if you don’t feel like it, the funny thing about smiling is the more you make yourself do it the easier it becomes because it pushes away the bad or down thoughts you are having. Try it you have nothing to loose and everything to gain…and it is FREE!

I am going to end today with this ask, “Do one thing RIGHT NOW that makes you SMILE!”

I will be checking in again soon.

Smiling, SJ


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