Recently, my grandkids (well 7 of 13) were at the house and I bought them some cookies as a treat. One package was frosted oatmeal, the same kind I had as a kid, I never buy this kind of cookies because there are so many fancier ones and I figured the kids wouldn’t like or want a plain old oatmeal cookie. What I can tell you is we will never know! My daughter and I ate ALL of the Frosted Oatmeal Cookies and I forgot just how much I love frosted oatmeal cookies…YES, the store bought, out of the package ones. YUM!

I know you are asking yourself, “What does oatmeal cookies have to do with photography?”

Let me tell you…NOTHING! Ha! I just love cookies, they make me smile.

I have been thinking about how much photography has evolved and changed since my first camera, the Kodak Instamatic 300 and the snack (frosted oatmeal cookies) my mom would send me out of the house with during summer vacation.

Have you been thinking about what our photography world will look like after this pandemic?

Do you think there will be more or less work for the commercial photographer?

I say MORE work. Many people are using online platforms and social media to reach their audience. We have a new normal and it is still changing and morphing. Companies have discovered new ways to do business. How could we not have more work? It’s going to look different, so be open to crazy new ideas and ways to work. Think how exciting it is to have a reboot or an opportunity to start fresh. The fact is we are all very visual and that is not going to change.

I am going to look at the positives to come out of the pandemic, like things we should have been doing all along…washing our hands, cleaning our gear, covering our cough, staying home when we don’t feel good, rescheduling when we are sick, etc. I as a photographer benefit from this behavior.

Another thought is we have time to practice, learn, and prefect our craft. Ask yourself, “What do I want to learn to shoot? Tabletop? Food? Products?, and anything else.” Now is a great time to add something new to your portfolio.

My new “add” is doing over the phone and online coaching sessions in place of face to face coaching sessions. It was a little bit of an adjustment in the beginning but now we are rocking and rolling now.

Maybe, just maybe I will buy some more of those Frosted Oatmeal Cookies and see what the grandkids think of them. It will be a new experience for them and who know they might become a regular on my grocery list. LOL

The work is out there! Create a plan and start acting on it.