Just when I was starting to feel comfortable with splash we were given a new challenge, capture the splash from an object being dropped into liquid, capture the bloom of the splash.

I choose to do a shoot with vodka, a Grey Goose martin with olives. I played with many different styles of lighting. I really like how the dark field technique came out but in the end I choose to shoot my image on a glass table with a clock face underneath…it is 5 o’clock somewhere!

Here are a few of my behind the scenes and my final image at the end of the this post.

I also experimented shooting the Grey Goose bottle with the dark-field technique. I really think it is a technique I will be using in the future. It adds an attractive edge to the image.

Splash Sheila Joy #4-15

I know all of you have been waiting for my final image…so here it is!

Splash Sheila Joy

I have been enjoying all of the problem solving and all of the challenges that come with splash photography or working with liquid.

I have to go get started on this weeks challenge…shoot an item dropped in water and shot in the water.

Add a little joy in your life!

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