So a couple of days ago I thought I should check out what lenses I have that are going to work for my splash photography class. (Starting very soon)! I didn’t think this would take that long but wow was I wrong…

I put together a small table top setup and thought I would get started by dropping things, dry things, just to stop the motion.

I was starting out simple, a strobe with a softbox, some white cards, black cards, tripod, boom-arm and a trigger. SJF_5906

I was ready so I thought! First try NO flash…I was off to a bad start, I couldn’t get my flash trigger to work and I tried everything from changing batteries (which was a trip to the store), to turning everything off and removing it, to digging out an old trigger, to swapping out cameras…NO luck. It would not work! Crap! What now???

I thought about just giving up…but I have paid for the class and this is something I really want to do…I think I could be really good at it!

I stood back shaking my head and thought…how did I do this before? Stopping motion that is, and I remembered I used a cable! (HAPPY dance) I retrieved the cable from my bag and told myself… I know I have this now! A few minutes later I was all hooked up and ready to go…soooooo excited!

I was in place, found my focus, and I dropped my handful of straight pins…SJF_5649

WHAT no flash!  “how can this be?” With no flash I can’t stop motion! Blur!

I had to go back to trouble shooting… Flash forward (no pun intended)…3 hours!!! I found the problem…my lens. Yes, my trusty 50mm, it is not communicating with the camera. By this time I was just done for the day, maybe tomorrow will be better!

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