Did you ever think about how the people we spend time with resemble a tribe. They have the same types of goals and ambitions…like minded people…we have our family, friends, and work tribes. These tribes make parts of our lives great and they give us support in different areas…when we need it.

So with that thinking, I began to think about my photography. I have a few different tribes of photographers who are shooting everything from babies to weddings. But I don’t think I get the greatest benefit from these tribes. Yes we are all photographers and we all have some of the same issues (where are the clients?), however, a lot of times that is were it stops…so what if I could seek out photographers that specialize in the same areas I do? Would it be beneficial? Could we really help each other grow and grow our business or would it be to much competition?

I decided to set out on a mission…find photographers like me, find my specialized commercial photographers tribe. I think it could be a huge benefit for everyone in this new tribe.

Searching and searching…the internet, local magazines and photography clubs. I am excited to report I have found a few in my area. Now comes the hard part…meeting them. I am not a shy person but meeting strangers is a difficult thing. It almost feels like I am back in middle school worrying if they will like me and almost more importantly will they think my work (photography) it any good. Us photographers can be very critical of each others work. Some photographers will make the decision’ “to be friends” based solely on your work.

So I stand tough on the outside thinking, “so what if they don’t like me” “it is their lose” but on the inside I stand there twirling my hair and biting my nails thinking, “be kind” “I hope you truly like my work”.

I am hoping to find a few new tribe members next week when we meet up to talk “shop”…wish me luck!

Add a little joy to your life!

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