I was cruising around on the internet (shocking, RIGHT! lol) and I found this blog post I found interesting so I am turning into a challenge.
New CHALLENGE! 1 Space, 50 images!
Simply – lock yourself in a room and don’t leave until you have made 50 images.
The images will be:
  • black and white or color
  • high key or low key
  • shallow depth of field
  • ALL NATURAL LIGHT (no flash)
  • Use the same camera for all shots
This is a great way to learn more about the settings on your camera. Change one setting and create an image, is it better, different, the same, or no change.
  • ISO – make small adjustment, the higher the number the more light on the image, however, you might get more noise in the image.
  • Aperture – try setting your camera to aperture priority. This lets you control the aperture (F-stop). How much of the image is in focus.
  • Manual Focus – If your lens has an Auto Focus and Manual Focus button, change it to Manual and turn the rings on the lens to focus.
Once you have shot your room, upload your images to our group site on Facebookin an ALBUM with your name.
To upload your images:
  1. Click on Photos in the left menu on our group page.
  2. Click on Albums
  3. Top right click on Create Album Select your images
  4. Name the Album “your name”
  5. Click post!
I am looking forward to seeing your “ROOM” Have fun and try new things!