Inspiring Photographers – Unveiling

Hello, photography enthusiasts and pixel adventurers! Gather ’round as I take you on a delightful journey through the captivating world of Inspiring Photographers – the place where magic meets pixels and creativity knows no bounds. I, your host Sheila Joy-Lorntzen, am absolutely thrilled to be your guide on this photographic adventure. I’m here to introduce…

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Private and Customized

Do you have a Corporate Event or a Family gathering and you are looking for something fun and local to do? 

Sheila Joy Photography is now offering these as private scheduled events. We will work with you to customize your event and make it uniquely yours.

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Staying Creative

Life is totally amazing! I love being totally present, feeling my emotions, acting out my passion, and staying creative no matter what is going on around me. However,  sometimes it is so eventful I need to stop and recenter myself. And picking up my camera helps me find my center, my calm, my creativity, and…

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