Workshops are BACK! 

Hello all!

I will be hosting a series of workshops starting in April. The workshops will be held in Sparks Nevada.

Space will be limited to 10 photographers.

A $25 deposit will be required to hold your spot, the deposit will be credited to your workshop fee.

Email me at or call/text if you would like to reserve your spot for any of the 3 workshops listed below. Be sure to include your name, the workshop, date, and your contact information.

  • Shoot the Moon

    • Class dates:
      • April 16 – Shooting the Pink Moon
      • September 10 – Shooting the Harvest Moon
    • Class length 3 hours
      • Time: 6 to 9pm
    • Learn how to know when the moon is rising, setting, best days to capture the moon
    • Use an app to track the moon
    • Help with camera settings
    • Equipment needed: camera, tripod, shutter release (optional), lawn chair, flashlight or headlamp.
    • Cost $35
  • Using Available Light

    • Class dates:
      • June 5th
      • July 24th
    • Class length 6 hours
      • 10am to 4 pm
    • Learn how to use the light you have to create the best images.
    • Using white cards, black cards, scrims, and reflectors.
    • Help with camera settings.
    • Equipment needed: NO Flash, camera, lawn chair, 5in1 reflector (optional).
    • Cost $85
  • Shooting Liquids, Let’s Get Wet!

    • Class date:
      • August 7th
    • Class length 6 hours
      • 10am to 4pm
    • Learn how to shoot liquids in motion, create a splash, freeze the splash, etc…
    • Help with camera settings.
    • Equipment needed: camera, tripod, flash, lawn chair, and any prop you want to shoot with liquid.
    • Cost: $99